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Project Survey

Project SurveyA survey will be performed to collect the necessary information and data to insure that the customer's requirements are clearly established before commencing work toward a solution.

Summary of Findings & Proposal – The summary of findings and proposal will be presented to the client detailing any modifications and costs.  

Fast Track Implementation Process

Upward Technology provides for low risk project implementation. Our software allows for multi-phase implementation to reduce cost and impact of on-going operations. Additionally, the account manager will be involved throughout the life of the project in order to insure the final deliverable is achieved. The following is the process that takes place for a rapid, low risk implementation. 

Project Start-up and Requirements Review

The objective of this task is a detailed Project Plan and schedule incorporating our software options selected by the Client.  Some of the sub-tasks included in this task are:

  • Establish communication and reporting channels between Upward and the client’s staff

  • Conduct RF site survey

  • On-site meetings to discuss Upward Technology system features and review facilities layout and material handling methods

  • Select and prioritize mandatory system features that enable production operation at an early date while allowing for later phased implementation of optional features

  • Order all required equipment and 3rd party software

Design functionality

The result of this task will be a clear definition of the functionality required to implement the system.  During this task, the team will design an approach for integrating the required functionality into the base system with minimal impact on product quality and deployment time.  Subtasks included in this task are:

  • Database design

  • Interface design

  • Custom forms and reports design

  • Design changes to the real-time and RF processing functionality

  • Software Design and Host Test Plan

Software Development

The result of this task is a set of programs ready for integrated system testing.  During this task, developers will use test data identified and collected in the requirements and design tasks. Interface programming.  Subtasks included in this task are:

  • Change software solution to incorporate custom requirements

  • Custom forms and reports programming

  • RF functionality change programming

  • Custom label programming for shelves and existing inventory 

  • Change screens to use customer mandated terminology

Computer and RF Hardware Installation

The objective of this task is to successfully install all LAN and RF network hardware and software.  Sub-tasks included in this task are:

  • RF network installation

  • Configuring LAN hardware and third party software

  • Testing all hardware as integrated into the production environment

Site Preparation

The objective of this task is to create the location scheme for the client distribution center and the loading of the scheme into our software solution resulting in a basic operational system.  Sub-tasks, shared by Upward Technology and the Client, included in this task are:

  • Configuring and zoning the client warehouse and entering the resulting location data into software
  • Commencing with the physical labeling of warehouse locations and staging areas
  • Downloading the master SKU file from host into software solution
  • Establishing a continuing program of printing and applying of bar coded case labels to incoming case goods, and later, to the balance of unlabelled in-stock case goods

System Test & Install

The objective of this task is to test and install a stable, functional system ready to be placed into production.  Sub-tasks included in this task are:

  • Installing Phase I Inbound for training and testing purposes

  • Installing Phase II Outbound for training and testing purposes

  • Testing interfaces to host system

  • Testing load of initial database

  • Testing all RF transactions

  • Testing all software functionality


The client will be provided documentation suitable for use by client personnel who manage the system with minimal assistance from Upward Technology.  Subtasks in this task include:

  • Quick start manual ( Software & RF)

  • On-line quick start notes

  • System configuration and interface documentation


The object of this task is to create a set of training materials and several training sessions conducted for management and supervisory personnel responsible for operation of the system.  Subtasks included in this task are:

  • Management and supervisor training – explaining the software solutions functionality and management controlled functions

  • Material-handling employees – receiving through shipping training

  • Provide quick start sheets for each material-handling function

  • Post implementation review and training

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